Raphael Tay is a advocate & solicitor of the High Court Malaya and a Notary Public in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The role of Notaries has gained importance throughout the world due to globalisation and increased interaction between counties. For business and personal reasons you need to be assured that the person or organisation you are dealing with, or the documents you are presented with are what they purport to be. If you want your documents accepted overseas you may need to have them authenticated by a Notary Public.

The office of a notary is an ancient one, originating from ancient Rome in the reign of Emperor Cicero, whose role was to “note” the proceedings of the Senate. The office is therefore derived from Roman Law and the civil law traditions. 

As the authority of a notary extends world-wide his services become more important with the growth of international trade and with the formation of free market groupings.

A notary is an officer of the law appointed as in the case of Malaysia by the Attorney-General under the Notaries Public Act 1959. Section 4(1) provides that:

“Every notary public shall have and may exercise within his place of practice all the powers and functions which are ordinarily exercised notaries public in England”

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